The $12 Temporary ‘Boob Job’ Without The Painful Surgery

Say goodbye to triple stuffed push-up bras, annoyingly visible bra straps and
uncomfortable boobs and say hello to Perky Girls Breast Lift Tape, recently launched via Amazon US and changing the fashion game.

Remember all of those viral images of various celebrities igniting rumours of boob
jobs or breast lifts, but then you’d see a photo of them a few days later and their
boobs had once again changed to their less perky form? The secrets out, they’ve
been using the newest member to the fashion-aid world - breast lift tape.

For decades women have been perfecting their cleavage through expensive and
invasive surgery or uncomfortable padding, now you can have the temporary fix
you’ve always been dreaming of thanks to Perky Girls Tape to give your girls the lift
they need whenever you want.

The best part, it works for all shapes and sizes. From A’s to GG’s the tape is created with a unique adhesive formula that ensures you get the support and coverage your girls need. It also comes in both beige and black to cover all your light and dark clothing options. There are many different ways the tape can be worn to suit a diverse range of tops from halter neck, backless, strapless and more. Follow our infographic guide or send Perky Girls a message if you require further advice on how to apply the tape for every occasion.

Purchase your Perky Girls Tape here.

But for now, let the results speak for themselves here are a few of our favourite
celebs that have sparked the boob job v breast tape debate..